Telecaster Product Brief circa 1951

The Telecaster guitar was developed by Leo Fender and George Fullerton in the late 40's. It was one of the first solid body electric guitars. It's an incredibly original piece of industrial design.

Below is a scan of a product flyer from 1951 for the original Telecaster. The flyer appeared in trade magazines and as an insert in the Fender catalog. It highlights the features of what at the time was a brand new kind of instrument. The flyer makes for fun reading. It's amazing how little the Telecaster has changed.

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Telecaster Product Flyer

Interesting Details


There are many cool Telecaster-related patents. 2,573,254 is Leo Fender's Telecaster bridge pickup patent. 164,227 is the Telecaster Design Patent.

2,573,254 164,227


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