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Making Music:

FH Sitting in with The Faux Hawaiians
Conga Lounge
Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival
My Recordings


Hawaiian Guitar Stuff:

78 record My guide to currently available
Vintage Hawaiian Guitar Recordings and Instructional Materials
C6 Fretboard My guides to the C6 lap steel tuning:
Hawaiian Guitar Collection A collection of vintage sheet music and instruction books
for Hawaiian guitar
The Genial Hawaiians All about Jim and Bob, the Genial Hawaiians


Instrument building pages:

Reso-electric Conversion A "Reso-electric" guitar conversion
Ukulele An Ukulele
Weissenborn guitar A Weissenborn guitar Cookie Tin Banjo A Cookie Tin Banjo
Practice Dobro A "Silent" Practice Dobro Ipu An Ipu Heke

Guitar amp building pages:

Ax84 P1 AX84 P1
5f2a Schematic A Tweed Princeton Clone


Other Stuff:

Marxochime Hawaiian Tiple The wacky Marxochime Hawaiian Tiple
Telecaster flyer The original Telecaster flyer circa 1951
Gibson Royaltone Pictures of a Gibson Royaltone lap steel